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Halloween Story - Week 1; Night of the Wolfman!

Gather round readers, and prepare yourselves for the most chilling and haunting stories known to man. October is the month of frights, as we approach Halloween. We kick off this week, the first week of October, as the story is set in a quiet town in Hampshire, England, where a young man begins his journey through the nightmare...of the wolf!

A young man named Luke is an ordinary man, though he does enjoy watching black and white films, especially horror ones. His most favourite is The Wolfman. One night however, after a night at the pub, Luke walks home, unknown to the fate that will soon bestow upon him.

When walking home from the pub, Luke hears a noise. He looks around and then turns his head to the right. He sees, from the distant, a shadowy figure. At first, Luke thought it was a dog. But as he takes a closer look at it, the creature suddenly rises up. Fearful, Luke makes a run for it, yet the beast chases after him. Luke is nearly there to his house, when suddenly he is tackled to the ground by the beast. Luke struggles as the beast takes a bite out of his arm(which Luke uses as a shield). Luke lets out a scream from the tearing pain of the bite. Suddenly, the beast lets go of Luke's arm as it looks like it's having a heart attack. The beast falls to the floor next to Luke, dead. Just then, the beast slowly turns into an old man, shocking Luke. Moments later, the ambulance and police arrive, called upon by someone who heard the commotion.

The next morning, at the hospital, Luke is treated there by the doctors about that night. "Ah, how is our patient?" Asked the doctor. "I'm fine. Thank you. Though I thought I was dead by that mad man." Replied Luke, withholding the portion of the truth so they don't think he's mad. "We haven't yet got confirmation as to who that man was, but we will soon. As to why he attacked you, clearly he must be mentally ill." Said the doctor. "Well, for an old man, he sure took a big bite out of me. I nearly lost my arm." Luke exclaimed as the doctor inspected Luke's wounded arm. "Hmmm, interesting. it doesn't seem that large of a bite. In fact, it looks like you're healing quite well. Very unusual indeed." The doctor said, as he left and Luke checked his arm. His arm looked scarred, yet healed none the less. He looked confused at first, but then gave a worried look as he soon remembers a scene from The Wolfman, and starts to put two and two together; his attacker was a werewolf, and that his transformation was too much in his old state, causing a heart attack. But not before he passed his bite onto Luke.
Luke left the hospital early, still freaking out about all of this. "There's no way this is possible." He said to himself. "The only other proof would be if an animal would react hostile towards me as I have this bite." He reassured himself. As Luke made it home, he is welcomed by the family dog, only for the dog to start barking at him, confirming his worst fear. Luke went up to his room and sat on his desk chair, as he then began to sob, realizing what he has become.

Weeks past, and Luke desperately searched for a cure(while trying to keep this a secret from everyone), looking into werewolf folklore, and turning to science for help. But neither provided any help to undo the curse. One time for example, he made and drank a liquid substance made of mountain ash and mistletoe, only to throw up violently in the toilet. As the next full moon approaches, Luke starts to panic, running out of options. He realizes now that the only other way is to keep himself away from everyone.

The day of the full moon, Luke goes down to the police station and hope they would lock him up for the night. He goes to the front desk to speak to the first person there. "Excuse me, officer. I would like to make a report." He said to the police officer. "Alright, what are you reporting on?" Asked the officer at the front desk. "I'd like to report on a murder that's about to be committed." Said Luke, concerning the officer. "And do you know who the culprit is that's about to commit this crime?" The concerned officer asked. "Me. I need to be locked up for tonight, or everyone is going die." Said Luke. "Right. I don't know if this is a sick joke, that you're some nutcase, or if you're wasting police time, but I am going to caution you and pretend this conversation never happened." The officer said sternly. "Alright. I am really sorry for what I'm about to do next." He said. "For what?" Asked the officer. Suddenly, Luke punched the officer in the face. The other officers swarmed in, treating the assaulted officer & arresting Luke, where he surrenders. "I'm really sorry about that, but you left me no choice." He said as the officers drag him down the hallway. The officers escort Luke to his holding cell down at the end. "Wait, you must listen to me. No matter what happens tonight, no matter what you hear, you cannot open this cell! You understand? Under no circumstances will you open this cell, no matter what you hear tonight!" Pleaded Luke as they place him in a holding cell.

That night, five officers are on night duty while the others are out on petrol. Four younger officers; three male and one female, and the fifth one being an old male, looking like he's near retirement. They're just hanging by the front desk, watching the CCTV monitors and mucking about. But tonight is the full moon. That night, as the moon is reaching its peak, Luke starts to feel strange, as he sense that it's coming. Suddenly, Luke feels a sharp pain inside. He starts to feel more and more pain as he thrashes wall to wall in his cell. When he looks up through his cell window, he sees it; the moon behind small grey clouds(the theme of Psycho is heard in the background). Luke's transformation begins, first his nails start to grow into claws, then his teeth in turn as fangs, and begin growing hair everywhere, as he screams in agonizing pain. The officers he can hear the commotion down the end. "Right, I have had enough of this." Said the veteran officer, as he goes down there. "You sure about that?" Said one of the officers. "I heard he was rambling this morning not to be let out." "He's a nutcase, that's what he is. Besides, I'm just going in there to give him a piece of my mind. That noise is disturbing us and everyone in these cells." Added the veteran officer. Suddenly, a loud howl is heard from Luke's cell, concerning the officers. But the veteran ignores that and goes to Luke's cell and opens it. "Now look-" Said the Veteran but was lost to words by what he is seeing, then fangs suddenly lunged at the veteran by the neck, mauling him to death. Luke has now become the Wolfman, much to the officers' shock. The others acted quick and all(except for the female, who remained watching from afar) went down the hallway, as the Wolfman in turn walks down there. The first officer got his nightstick out and ran towards the Wolfman, only for the Wolfman to grab his arm, picked him up and slammed him against the ceiling lights, then threw him to the ground. The next officer surprised it with a choke hold using his night stick. "What the fuck are you waiting for! Mace him!" Shouted the officer to the last one while he was holding the Wolfman with a choke hold. The third officer got his mace out ready, about to mace him. Only for the Wolfman to quickly slash his claw across the officer's face, snapping his neck in the process by the mighty force. Then, the Wolfman throws the officer behind him down the floor and begins ripping his stomach with its teeth, as the officer lets out a blood curdling scream. The remaining officer crawls away, still injured, towards to main hall. But the Wolfman notice him crawling as he goes over there to finish the job. The last officer, still laying on the floor, approaches the female officer. "Call...back up." He said. Suddenly, the Wolfman grabs his leg and pulls him away as the officer screams in terror. Suddenly, blood splattered on the floor where that officer was as the screaming went silent. Terrified, the female officer hides from the Wolfman and tried to call back up, while the Wolfman walks around the main hall, looking for her. She picks up the radio near her and calls for back up "Calling all CO19, we need immediate back up at once. Repeat, immediate back up. There's a maniac in the station. He fucking killed the others. Hurry, please." She said, sobbingly over the radio. Suddenly, part of the desk is ripper off, as the Wolfman found the officer. The Wolfman lunges at the officer as she lets out a scream. Moments later, the Wolfman crashes through the front door and runs out, as minutes later, reinforcements arrive only to find the mutilated bodies of their fellow officers.
Elsewhere, two couples walk down at the park at night, when they heard some noise. "What was that?" Said the girlfriend. "Relax, it's probably just a fox." Replied the boyfriend."You sure? I heard a few weeks ago of man who was attacked." Said the girlfriend. "Yeah, by some crazy old man who died of a heart attack. But if this means that much to you, I will check the noise out." The boyfriend reassured. He looked around and checked through the bushes. "Oi! Whoever you are, piss off or I'll kick your head in!" He said. He turned to his girlfriend. "See, nothing." Said the boyfriend. Suddenly, the Wolfman tackled the boyfriend to the ground, mauling him to death. The girlfriend, horrified, made a run for it. She ran for her life, screaming for help. Only to be tackled by the Wolfman as well. The girlfriend's scream is heard from the backround as the scene is moved up to the sky where the full moon is.

The next morning, Luke wakes up near a duck pond, covered in blood. "What have I done?" He said, terrified as to what he has done. He uses the pond water to wash the blood off him. Later on, he walks through the town, when he notices a newspaper. He reads it. A total of seven people; five police officers and two civilians were murdered last night and the police are on the look out for the murderer. Horrified by this, and realizing he is too dangerous for anyone to be around him, Luke goes on the run, believing that it would be too dangerous to be sent to jail(providing the inmates don't kill him before the next full moon). As the police and the media search everywhere for Luke, he is(as well as wearing a coat, a cap and a gruffy beard) camping and hiking through the countryside, moors and woods, isolating himself from the rest of the world until he can find a cure.


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