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Teen Wolf spin-off: An American Werewolf in London(a better version)

An idea of what it would happen if they did a spin-off to Teen Wolf. This one would be called An American Werewolf in London, with Colton Haynes reprising his role as Jackson Whittemore, who went to London to find out about his biological parents. Only to be caught up in a plot that could tear London apart. There will be some episodes that will tie-in with the series from Teen Wolf.
Although Colton Haynes is busy in his role as Roy Harper in Arrow, there might be a possibility where Haynes will take a break from Arrow and reprise his role in Teen Wolf in a spin-off.

I hope this spin-off does happen, because I already figured out the plot and the idea of characters and who will play them. I previously posted a spin-off idea of this, but I now did a much better version. Tell me what you think.

Plot: After events in Season 2 of Teen wolf, Jackson travels to London to learn of what happened to his parents. However, he's soon caught in a bigger plot where people are turning into werewolves without single bite on them. Along the way, Jackson befriends a nerdy boy who's mother is the DI of the Metropolitan police force. Not only that, but Jackson finds himself mysteriously stalked by a shady hunter named James, who might be an enemy or an ally. To make matters worse, Jackson meets and falls for Eve, who reveals to be the stepdaughter of an Alpha werewolf who may be responsible for the random werewolf transformations.

Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittmore - Previously a character from Teen Wolf and the protagonist in the spin-off. Jackson Came to London to find out about his parents. Unfortunately, he ends up trying to find mysteriously-turned-werewolves that are rampaging the city. Though he still has the same arrogant personality, Jackson often shows signs of humility and honour. Since Season 2 of Teen Wolf, Jackson picked up some fighting skills when he was the Kanima.

Will Poulter as Matt McKensie - Basically the UK counterpart of Stiles Stilinski, Matt is also a fanatic of monsters, something which aggravates his mother. Matt learns of Jackson's nature and aids him in his escapades. He's very intelligent, yet somewhat annoying.

Lily James as Eve Mallory-Drake - Eve is the latest love interest to Jackson. Despite her last name, Eve prefers Mallory as Drake is her stepfather's last name which her mother married. She is very beautiful yet headstrong. She is unaware of who her stepfather really is but will find out eventually, as well as Jackson being a werewolf. Her mother died when she was very young, and never knew how. This would make Jackson's feelings conflicted, as he was in love of Lydia before he left to London. It will be hinted that Eve will be bitten into a werewolf.

Jai Courtney as James Griffon - A lonely hunter with a dark streak(like an amalgam of Chris Argent and Derek Hale). At first, he is shown to be hostile to Jackson, but then reluctantly teams up with him in hopes of ending the werewolf attacks. He's been clearing the city from werewolves mysteriously turned from people without a bite on them. He is also shown to be easily annoyed by Matt. He is a tough and highly trained hunter, who values honour and follows the hunter's code.

Tony Curran as Lucian Drake - An Alpha werewolf and the antagonist of the show, and Eve's stepfather. He's the only Alpha without a pack, and like Peter Hale wants to build his own pack. But rather than bite random people, Drake found a way to create artificial werewolves without a bite, but simply combining science with the supernatural. Unfortunately, the artificial werewolves are a lot more feral than an average werewolf and their human part are unable to control their inner-animal. It is also revealed that he married Eve's mother out of love, and wanted to turn her. But the bite killed her, and since then Lucian was grief stricken and swore to protect Eve as if she was his own. But despite his fatherhood, Lucian is a cold-blooded cunning werewolf who plans to rule Britain with an army of werewolves. It is hinted that he was on Irish-descent, and that during the Dark Ages, Ireland was once ruled by a werewolf for a king until hunters(who were probably James' ancestors) overthrew him. So it makes sense that Lucian wants to regain his ancestor's right as king. It is also revealed that he was a family friend of the Hales, and hinted that he is aligned with Deucalion.

Adelaide Kane as Cora Hale - Since Season 3 in Teen Wolf, Cora left Derek and travelled to London for unknown reasons. There, she aids Jackson in his fight against the werewolves in London. But it is soon revealed that she is secretly working for Lucian(implying that he saved her life the night her family were killed. But she would eventually have a change of heart and help Jackson and the others stop Lucian.

Jeremy Irons as Dr. Henry Druid - Henry Druid works as a forensic expert for the Metropolitan police, but secretly he is a druid(hence his last name, and perhaps his real name maybe unknown). He reluctantly helps James with solving the puzzle with 'how does a man turn into a wolf without a bite'. He is very wise, and it would hint that he was a mentor of Deaton, Beacon Hills' vet and Scott's boss who too is a druid. He identified that the results of a persons transformation is a combination of science and supernatural.

Claire Foy as DI Diane McKensie - A DI of the Metropolitan police and Matt's mother. As a single mum, she juggles work and looking after her son. Much like Sheriff Stilinski, she too is often aggravated by her son's antics. She has her hands tied with the rising murders that are apparently results of werewolf attacks.

Burn Gorman as Dr. Cecil Lincoln - A scientist working in the field of biology, and working for Julian Drake. Cecil was hired to create a serum that will turn humans into werewolves using his blood(therefore combining science and supernatural). His reason for serving Lucian was a promise to turn him into a werewolf by bite, as he is condemned to work with a walking cane.

Other characters:
Holliday Grainger as PC Sarah Parsh - A uniform officer and a banshee, coming to grips with her abilities.

Craig Roberts as PC Eddie Daniels - A human uniformed officer, and Sarah's friend and partner.

Kaya Scodelario as Maya - a mysterious girl who Matt takes a liking too, not realising she is hiding a dark agenda and secretly working for a shadowy figure. She is also a werecat.

Charles Dance as Charles Alexander - The mayor of London who is aware of the supernatural world(most likely a former hunter himself) and has dark intentions, far worse that Lucian's.

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